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PROBLEM / Questions:
Blunder occurred in the story of Herod and the birth of 'god' jesus in the gospel of the gospel. Biodegradation and differences about the birth of jesus in sebablan th story of Herod in Matthew 2:1 - 23. In ceriatakan 3 majusidari east to Palestine based on clues about the birth of their baby is the star would become king of the Jews. Three monks were met baby Majus' god? "Jesus in the cowshed with his mother Mary in the cowshed in Bethlehem. Krn can mean a feeling that the evil King Herod, the three monks facing herides TSB did not return again but stormed back to the east. King Herod solicitous of his powers in rebiut, mala killing 2-year-old baby kevbawah. At that time Maria and her baby and fled to Egypt after Herod's death he returned to Nazareth.
His question is? If jesus was born in 753 betu Romanic (1 AD) as the confidence the people of centuries of Christian centuries, the Christians in confronting a very serious thing. King Herod was in Rome served up the Jewish king in Palestine in the year 712 Roman (37 BC) and died at 749 years old Romanic (4 BC) So DEAD KING HEROD Prev 4 YEARS OF JESUS BORN? Thus the sacred story in the Gospel of Matthew, who at the state part of the holy bible is ONE FALLACY! To avoid this fatal fact yag IN Change, and then there is a difference of opinion about jesus birth year.

Christian sources do not say Jesus was born in the year 1 AD.It had no opinion of Dionysius Exiguus an Italian priest who lived in the 6th century resulted in the birth year of birth determines that Jesus is the year 1 AD. But this opinion does not match the historical record that already exists.
Nativity clearly occurred before the death of King Herod the Great who want to kill him by ordering the killing of all infants aged under 2 years old in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:16).
Flavius Josephus (37-100), the first-century Jewish historian, says that Herod died shortly before the lunar eclipse has occurred which, according to astrology experts occur on March 13 in 4 BCE (Antiquities of the Jews, XVII, vi, 167). With reference to Herod's estimated that the newborn was not more than two years old, then the intellectual estimated year of birth of Jesus around the year 4-5 BC.

Changes in who fatally TSB, who appeared to have caused more fatal effect. Lucas Gospel (2:6-20) bebrberita about the birth of jesus at the time of the census of Palestine, who is done on the orders of the emperor in August. Census TSB was; angsung Romanic 760 th (7 AD), if mengauu on lucas gospel, Jesus was not born in the days herods the great king, as the stated in the Gospel of Matthew (2:1-23) and was not born in the year 1 AD le petit deny such statement, but was born in 7 maehi. So the calculation of his BC is not necessarily pull in backwards but the pull forward, the slide forward seven years ..???
Nah loh ...? holy book like this crap ...?? kok not in sync?


Please read before Matthew 2:1-17, the ruler of Judea was Herod the Great. Indeed there are two rulers at that time: the ruler of the top is the Roman emperor while below him are the heads of the region as an ally of Rome like Herod who gets the title "king of the Jews" by the senate in Rome at the proposal of Octavian (Caesar Augustus).
Herod is like an extension of the Roman Emperor for the Jewish nation.
For clarity, let you examine these verses:
* Luke 3:1"In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judaea, and Herod tetrarch of Galilee, his brother Philip, tetrarch Iturea and Trachonitis, and Lisanias tetrarch of Abilene,"

One of the existing historical evidence, can be read works of Josephus, Antiquities. He was a Jew who lived in the era of Jesus Christ and the apostles. There is also an ancient excavations discovered the currency of Herod the Great, the carved facade of steel helmet with a nail plate, surrounded by Greek writings 'herodou basileos', stands to the right marked the third year, the back side of Macedonia with a carved shield of shining discs or balls.
Quite a lot of historical evidence about Herod's family is either from excavation or the archives in Rome.Details like this:
[1] Herod the Great, ruled 40-4 BCE.[2] Herod Archelaus, 4 BCE until 6 CE[3] Herod Antipas, until 39 AD[4] Herod Agrippa, 41 to 44 AD[5] Herod Agrippa II, 48-100 AD

If connected with the emperor in August, it must match with the birth of Jesus Christ, as Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus who became the first emperor of the Roman empire with the title of Emperor in August instead of living since the year 62 BC to 19 August 14 AD.

In question should not Augustus Caesar or Herod, but Quirinius, Publius Sulpicius Quirinius was governor of Syria said.
Luke 2:2 writes "This is the first registration when Quirinius held a trustee of the land in Syria." and rightly so because the census was carried out "two" times, In the first period, the historical record of this gaffe is a problem for researchers of the Bible. However recently discovered ancient writings which reveal that there is a name Quirinius served as proconsul of Syria TWICE. The Gospel of Luke, explaining that the registration is meant is the registration (census) "first", which was in 4SM.
A leading archaeologist named Jerry Vardaman has discovered a coin with the name of Quirinius on it. It pointed to Quirinius as proconsul of Syria and Cilicia from 11 BC until after the death of Herod.

Thus there are two names Cyrenius:
One who ruled until 4 BC, and another who ruled after a six M.There is a possibility Quirinius was the same person, there is also the possibility of two people named the same. One thing that is common to many people having the same name of Rome. But the period of tenure Quirinius was already able to prove that the census is meant in Luke's Gospel is surely take place during the reign of Quirinius is earlier.
So, that meant in Luke 2 is the registration in the year 4 BC commonly known as the year of the birth of Jesus, so there is no conflict with the story of King Herod and the Magi in the Gospel of Matthew.
Another explanation, can be read at:http://www.pemudakristen.com/pengajaran ... _injil.htm

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