Jumat, 03 September 2010


1. That WAS true Prophet Mohammed Prophet Last post Where The proof? Verse?
2. Are the Prophet Muhammad WAS was circumcised? Derivatives opened Dusanat Prophet?  

   Where The proof ? How many verses in the Qur'an?
3. Why Quran says that Muhammad's widow had married while practically old age
young less than 20 years?
4. Why do you not believe that Jesus did not die on the cross? While the Qur'anic verse states
that he had to die first and go up to heaven?
5. Are the Prophet Muhammad is a Moslem? Where The proof?
6. If the supposition that the earlier book of false means that you do not recognize the law?
7. Why are you not in baptism, while it was told from generation to generation said GOD
To the 
8. In a previous Book of the Prophet narrated Last post only from Palestine and Egypt
not in Saudi Arabia?
9. Is it true that Muhammad Muhammad wrote a letter, open it, yes Illiteracy?
10. Is it true the Qur'an came down from God opened the Qur'an Man Writing, proof That's Letter

      Mohammed? Not Directly from God?
11. John opened the dead before Jesus ascended to heaven, there Mekapa John Letter?

11 PROBLEMS FORMERLY only, If you Could Answer
If you can not answer you mean False Teachings
While the Christian Religion Christianity Jesus Confessing Because he is like God
See Aja Direct Book of John says Jesus Yang.

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