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On one night, in the month of August 2010, I saw a bright light fell from the sky. An object like the White Man with colored clothes, and shoulder-length hair and a very bright face like an angel, her voice like thunder. All land on earth as it vibrates. and at that time also will come like a dragon that inhibit these bright objects speak, all those scared by the dragon's fire was because he destroyed the building around it, then this bright objects to fight with this dragon thinks - about two hours later, this dragon was defeated and go. He left a body like a cloud, then it lights up the clouds like an angel, then he returned to speak, he said like this Hearts - Heart of you with false doctrine which opponents of the doctrine of the previous book of Islam, he will not make you peaceful, and teaching it teaches a lie, they will not be saved because of his lies, he is a kaafir doctrine which under the guise of faith, mosque - the mosque will be destroyed, a symbol of worship in the Stars and the Moon will be crushed, they will not be appointed but suffer. There's people will be on the stamp, but the teachings of Islam even though he was not in prayer every day,Where - where he will ask for help like this He said "O God Our Lord, I Believe in you to help us"Then there's the voice that says "You Believe It's Not Me, But You Do not Believe That the Son of God (Jesus) As the Prophet Last post And as a savior for the sins of You You.You better believe the same Prophets, False Prophets of Baal, who worship the devil when the attempt is Muhammad and destroy and conquer power Namely The Christians of Turkey, Jordan and the Balkan State. You will not be given a robe or a blanket to warm up the place in winter because of ignorance and error. You will mourn the Islamic Paganism You. Jesus commanded the angels who have been hearing you've dropped a heavy punishment from the punishment of Hell Fire. You who have been lost in the heresy will not be revived and will always suffer, "You will ask" Help I'm Now I Believe That You And Prophet Last post Savior Help us, But Jesus Not forgiving, All the doors of Heaven has been closed and they do not allowed to enter because he did not recognize him.
Then the Angels and Religious Teachings Believe That the Lord Jesus and God as Christians (Nazarenes) Singing for the joy that is given"Glory To the King of All the King! "Then I saw the sky high above, a Spiritual Body, that Body of Christ. The body was lying and the blood dripped into the earth. I know that was slain body of our Lord. Then remove the body and a big bright light, And All Those who are saved into the body's guess - about 144 000 (To the Nation of Israel), 612 556 755 453 (For Worldwide Including Israel), and that person will climb up to a full body of jesus from the base of the foot to head. And when it is full, I noticed that the body was filled with men and women from every nation, tribe, and language as well as the entire Christian religion on earth. And with the strong voice they praised the Lord.ratusaan billion people sit facing an altar and the throne, and I saw an angel carrying her books and read from her decisions. There was a generosity Throne, and the reward given to many people.
Then I saw was darkness over all the earth and the forces of evil are everywhere, evil spirits innumerable have been removed from the place where they are captured and continuously released into the earth and all beings be damned damned doctrine attacked the temple of God.
I heard the Lord say, "Tribulation will befall the entire population of earth Believe in Jesus and God, because the devil has come to dwell among you and it's spreading false religion which is Islam and the Antichrist."
I saw an animal that is angry and he issued a dare to all the earth. Satan trembled in anger, and then from the abyss of death appears gangs - gangs evil creatures to darken earth with a very large quantity. Men and women ran crying into the hills, caves, and mountains. And on earth there are wars, darkness and death.
Finally I saw the fiery horses and chariots of war in the sky. Earth trembled and the moon turn red as blood. And an angel said, "Hear O earth, the King is coming!"Then came the sky King of kings and Lord above all gods, and saints of all ages are together DIA, dressed in pure white. And I remembered that all eyes will see Him and every knee shall bow before Him.When the angels take their scythes and reaping grain, cooked - which is the end of the world.
(Jesus said, "Repent for salvation, because the kingdom of God is in the doorway. Go to Me and My Word will happen. Prepare the Way of the Lord.")
And I think that we should love one another. We must be steadfast in the Truth and restore our children in the light of Christ that will come soon. For indeed the King is coming!
Then the vision disappeared

Then You Turn to Islam are teachings of Jesus Christ Christian, because he is helping you from your sins before Jesus Came and you will not survive.


HUMAN KAFIR namely Islam SATAN Worshippers

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