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CHILD JESUS GOD AND GOD, Christian (Christian, Catholic) Religious Right

Host cities: Viewers whom I love, welcome to the new episode in our program "Questions About Faith." Is happiness for us if we can provide answers to all questions we have received from you all. We also feel honored by the presence of the Reverend Father Zakaria Boutros with us here. Welcome to Mr. Zakaria.
Father Zakaria: Nice to meet you.
Host cities: The audience that I loved, in previous episodes we have discussed things about the Who is Jesus in Christianity? We have been talking about how He is God and how He is the Son of God, also how He is the Man and the Son of Man.
Thankful today that we can continue our dialogue and discussion with the Reverend Father Zakaria about Christ in the Christian Religion. Mr. Zakaria, we have one question that it is: You've mentioned in earlier discussions about the truth about Christ is God present in the human body - we've talked about it - but you also said that He is the Word of God who became live. Can you please explain?
Father Zakaria: Yes. This question will complement the previous question. This relates to the biblical truths disclosed, and to know we have to open the Gospel of John chapter 1 ayat1, which read: "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God", until Article 14 which says: "The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory given to Him as the only begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and truth."
So, the Word as we have mentioned in previous episodes is the intelligence of God in revealing His mind. Also as we are told, God is singular, and in his capacity that we call Him "Father", because He is the source of all existence. Son, who is the intelligence of God; intelligence of God in revealing His mind through the Word, and the Word was born of intelligence, which expresses the thought-prmikiran. So the Word, which is intelligence that reveals the mind, is God Himself and nothing else. God in His existence, knowledge, and God by His Spirit. Therefore the Bible says, "And the Word was God." And continued with "And the Word was made flesh" who live in the body of a man.
And of course the intelligence of God can not be separated from His existence; not also be separated from His Spirit alone. Not be separated, is not it? Therefore in the first letter written by the Apostle Paul to his disciple Timothy in chapter 3 verse 3 "And indeed ..."-without any debate, "And verily we worship agunglah secret: He, who has declared Himself in human form." God has revealed Himself in human form. But how? The Word of God has become life in a human? God's Word became flesh. This situation sounds strange. How could the Word of God becomes alive and have a shape? But actually there is common ground between us and Islam.
Host cities: You mean, there's something in the Koran that states the same thing?
Father Zakaria: Yes, that's right
Host cities: It would be easier to understand.
Father Zakaria: Yes, because I believe that the Muslim audience will ask questions like: what is this nonsense? What do you mean by the word of God into human life?
Is not that what they say? Do not they protest like that? But when we return to the Quran, which is the reviews of the jurists and judges of Islamic religion, we will discover the true reality, and it was not written by our own. So, let's look at it now and we'll show it to viewers that we respect. In Sura 4 verse 171. Surah 4 verse 171, "Jesus son of Mary, is the messenger of God and, given his sentence and said unto Mary, and spirit from Him. So, Christ is the Word of God, as has been said in previous episodes, where the pronoun 'him' here ... ..
Host cities: Pointing to the word 'God'.
Father Zakaria: Pointing to the word 'God'. And the Spirit of Jesus, "Him" here refers to the word 'God'. So, Christ is the Word of God. And in Surah 3 verse 39, "Verily, Allah mengembirakan you with the birth of John, who confirmed the sentence of God? Who is the Word of God? And who was John or John? Because he was the first person who believed in Him and to affirm that He is the Word of God and His Spirit.
Host cities: So, this is not a new concept for our Muslim brothers. I mean if they really pay attention, they will find the same thing in the Quran.
Mr Zakaria; If they want to read with understanding, there will be no problem. The problem is that the majority of them do not read it.
Host cities: Yes, very unfortunate.
Father Zakaria: And those who read it, only with a cursory reading. They are shallow-minded people. They just say "Aaaah, God give you good news about John that would affirm the Word of God."
Host cities: No, not only that, they will immediately think that they will be accused of being unfaithful.
Father Zakaria: Yes, people who think with sassy. I once spoke with someone from them. I say, "Why do not we think about and discuss it in detail?" The man replied, "No, no, no, we have a principle which says that the Devil lived in detailed matters." The answer is that? For them it is a matter which was opened and then immediately closed.
Is it true that the devil is in the things that detailed? Is not the contrary, these things will show much detail. Matters requiring detailed research and study.
You show people who are narrow-minded? Do not think, do not learn, do not investigate, and many more 'no'. Here's what I want to say, that means it's wrong. And this is why I am encouraging our viewers to think about our beliefs, about the Quran, the traditions of prophecy, and about the reviews,-theirs and not ours-just to try to think and then understand. This is what was said by Abu Mas'ud, "I'll emphasize one Word of God, who will affirm Isa, where peace is in Him." As has been said that John the Baptist-he-is pertma people who believe in Him and to affirm that He is the Word of God and His Spirit. John the Baptist was the first person to believe.
And it was also confirmed by the statement of Al-Siddi, "Mrs. John met with the mother of Jesus and said," Oh, Mary, Do you feel pregnant? "And Mary said," I'm pregnant. "Then the mother Yahia said," I feel the baby in my belly worship Him who is in your stomach. "And this is the interpretation of this statement:" .... and will confirm the Word of God. "Now where we can find it?
Host cities: Yes, it is very important. Where is it written?
Father Zakaria: The viewers who want to understand this, can read a book on Al-Imam Abu al-Sa'ud Ibn Mohamed Mohamed A-'Ammadi, page 233.
Host cities: Abu al-Sa'ud Ibn Mohamed Mohamed, the name does not include the name of Abd-al-Massih or George; It is a commentary on the Quran, and also Mohamed, son of Mohamed Mohamed meaning entirely.
Father Zakaria: In Surah 3 letter, he said the following "Thus the angel said:" Maryam, Allah mengembirakan you with a sentence from his, his name is Messiah, Jesus son of Mary. "In previous episodes I have already mentioned that the Quran is a measure of intelligence and may not contain errors in their grammars. In the sentence that refers to 'the good news brought by the angel to Mary about the birth of Jesus', there are two (2) words which should not be grammatically pairs. The word is kalmia and ismuhu, and not kalmia and ismuha, which is grammatically correct.
Those who do not know Arabic, saying "Ah, of course it leads to Christ." However, Arabic grammar states that pronouns should lead to kalmia which precede the noun, not a noun is replaced. So, kalmia "Word" has been defined as a masculine noun and not a feminine noun. Therefore it is not the usual word, but it certainly is 'Logos', the intelligence of God. His Word of God means intelligence, knowledge of God. Everything in the masculine form. And so also contained in the Gospel of John, "In the beginning was ..." in Arabic masculine form of kana, not kanat, and al-kalima kana, not kanat, and "The Word became ..." Al-kalima sara, not loaded. So the Quran in this respect agrees with the Bible which states that this is not ordinary words. It is the knowledge of God, which changed in form, which has a form and present in humans. It also is said in Surah 3. Now let us see what the commentators say. They may say that we have to interpret it our way. The audience probably would have said, "Please do not interpret only by your interpretation."
Host cities: This is your own interpretation.
Father Zakaria: Now we try to explore the opinions of Muslim judges, scholars and Muslim interpreters. For the purpose of obtaining the truth, we must do research, right?
Mohyi Sheikh Al-Din Al-Arabi in his book Al-Hikam Fusus vol 2 page 35. What is said Mohyi Al-Din Al-Arabi? He said, "The Word was God incarnate." Dengarkah you!
Host cities: Oh, glory in the name of God. Could you repeat it?
Father Zakaria: the Word was God incarnate. And there is one God, and nothing else. It is truly one God, and that is God himself. That means that the Word was God and nothing else. When we say that knowledge of God is God, the intelligence of God is God, the existence of God is God, the Word of God is God, the Spirit of God is God, just as with humans, where the presence of a person shows himself, shows himself a man of intelligence and spirit of a person showing himself.
Host cities: They can not be separated from each other.
Father Zakaria: Attribute someone. Who is this? Mohyi Sheikh Al-Din Al-Arabi also said in the same book page 143. On this page he confirmed the truth. Word is the Godhead. What is the meaning of Divinity? Godhead is the nature of God. Similarly, when we mention human nature to humanity, because it comes from humans. Did you see the emphasis? Word is the Godhead, the Word of God.
And before that Sheikh Mohyi says the Word was God incarnate, that have a shape. Similarly, if you express your thoughts in speech. Your word is a revelation of your intelligence, your words express your thoughts. Word of God is the revelation of intelligence or knowledge of God.
Now we will take another opinion other than Sheikh Mohyi, namely Mu'atazalites, which is a denomination of Islam that is very famous. They explain the story of the prophet Moses when God speaks to him from a tree, contained in a letter Sura 27, Sura 20 and Sura 28. I believe I've mentioned before, but there may be viewers who can not follow this program before. I will repeat it.
Host cities: Repetition is very helpful.
Father Zakaria: Arab expression that says "Repetition teaches a smart person." Surah 28 to write the story of Moses. Did you ever hear the story of Moses, when Moses had completed his job-which he must leave his life-and go wandering with his family? Moses saw the fire on the slopes of Mount Sinai, which he saw was fire coming out from the mountain-side. He said to his family, "Stay here. Just sit here. I have seen the fire. Maybe I can find out who had made a fire there, or at least I can carry embers, so you could warm your body. "Then he got to the place and someone called him from a blessed tree in the valley.
Consider seriously, not from heaven and not from anywhere, but from a special place in a valley. Not only that, but also from the tree above the valley of the blessed, a place of burning by fire. Someone had called him from the fire. So, God has come in the form of fire and said, "Moses, remove your sandals." You are in the holy valley of Tuwa. "Until now, that's the name of the valley. This is the place where President Anwar al-Sadat wanted to build a religious complex, which will be built a mosque, church and a synagogue, but he has run out of time.
Host cities: Or he does not intend to build it.
Father Zakaria: Yes, probably so. We continue. God said, "Take off your sandals. You are in the sacred valley Tuwa. I was God and God of this universe. "In Sura 20, God also says the same thing with an additional" No other gods besides Me. "And in Surah 27, He says" Blessed are those who are in this fire, and whoever surround. About this I will not explain itself. We'll see what the Mu'tazalites from the "word-word or the word of God exists in the tree and is incarnated in it."
Host cities: Sorry, could you call back the names as a reference, in case there are viewers who want to see it.
Father Zakaria: In the book titled Al-milal ahwa wa al-wa al-Nihal, Mu'tazila chapter, then you will find what I'm reading here. According to them, the Word of God come alive, come and have a shape in the tree. So now we know what was said by Mohyi al-din al-Arabi and then Mu'tazalites. Should we seek a third reference, because the mouth of two or three people, each word will be strong (acceptable).
Host cities: Let's find a third, would be much better.
Father Zakaria: To affirm an oath, someone said three times (3x) in the name of God. So as a confirmation of a divorce, they will say "I divorce thee" three times (3x). Thus, all things being perfect with the Trinity. Weird is not it? Those who take this principle, apply it and they also object to the principle. Why are you still using the principle of the Trinity here?
Now we headed to Al-Ha'itiyya, a sect of Islam. In the same book Al-milal ahwa wa al-wa al-Nihal, Imam Ahmed Ibn Al-Ha'it, Al-Ha'itiyya sect leader, talks about Christ. "Christ uses the human body-as if he would wear armor, and He is the Word of the eternal past incarnate, who is believed similar to the Christians." Again?
Host cities: Yes, allowed?
Father Zakaria: You will find in the book Al-milal wa al-wa al-Nihal ahwa vol 1 page 77. Imam Ahmed Ibn Al-Ha'it, Ha'itiyya sect leader, explains about the Christ, "Christ the human body, but who is he? He is the Word of the eternal past to life, as believed by Christians. "That's the real meaning of the Word who became live. Thoughts of God incarnate, can be seen. As has been said in the previous illustration that when I have an idea / ideas in my mind, I took a pen and put it in writing. I realize my ideas onto paper using a pen, so the idea was revealed, visible, legible, and the unknown. So also God in the same way in revealing His mind, not by writing on paper with pen, but he wrote down his thoughts in the human body. He is present in the human body. He instilled his ideas in the human body, because sometimes we do not just write on paper only, but also in stone and in the rock, right? Skin and even bone, too right? God wrote in the skin and bones of a human. He is present in the body of a man. I see no difficulty to understand this. Of course this is easy and acceptable. You need to touch / visit God
"Lord, I want to know the truth, I want you to have my heart with your light shine, and I wish you God illuminate my mind, give me a touch of a changed way of thinking about you so I know the truth."
Today, God said you are asking in faith and trust, with a sincere heart, God will answer you. That is His promise.
So here's the concept of incarnation of God. We have talked about the incarnation of God in general and now we will discuss from different viewpoints. We will discuss the same subject but from different viewpoints. "What has been said about the incarnation of God in the human body, what has been said about the knowledge and minds of God incarnate in the human body?" We'll discuss it.
Host cities: God bless you. We will now proceed to the next question. You still retain your belief that the Word of God has become life in Christ and you said earlier that the Word of God is the mind of God. How the mind of God expressed in a human. It actually asked is: Does God without His mind is in heaven, when He was in Christ on earth? These questions are frequently asked to us. They also ask: Does God without His mind is in heaven when Christ died and was buried? How he could manage this universe without His mind?
Father Zakaria: This question is often contained in one's mind. Everyone has the right to think freely, every person is entitled to ask. You do not gain knowledge without finding out. As long as you keep asking, then you will find the answer, but if someone hides the things you want to ask, how she will get the knowledge?
Host cities: A person must use his mind.
Father Zakaria: A person must use his mind.
Host cities: Someone who does not ask, do not think.
Zapak Zakaria: When I am in doubt about something, then I think, therefore I like this. Doubt led me to thinking, and thinking led me to do research and then will find the knowledge. And it complements my existence. It is good for someone to ask, and embarrassing if you do not ask.
Okay. Logic says: You believe that Christ is the Word of God is intelligence. You also argue that the Word of God made manifest in the human body. So God is present with His mind in the human body. But what about the God up there? Is it hard to understand?
This question is of course coming from ... I mean, that question is because of the lack of awareness and perception. For example, I will ask questions to someone: Can your intelligence is separated from yourself or your presence? Of course not. How we can separate a person's mind? It is impossible. So, wherever the Word of God is, that's where God sits. It also disclosed the Bible in the book Ecclesiastes, "Where is the Word of God is, there is also the God." Why is that? For God is infinite / infinity (is great), so does the mind. So, where the intellect of God is found, God will be found as well, because God is omnipresent, and expressed in specific places, it is exactly the same as the following. We must ask the question: Is not about this also occurs in the Koran, sura note 28, 20 and 27 when the fire burning in the sanctuary, in a tree, and He said to Moses, "I was God and no other gods besides Me." Then, if anyone is in heaven at that moment?
Host cities: the right question, Mr. Zakaria.
Father Zakaria: He's being there in the trees, on the earth.
Host cities: Or He left heaven and came down to earth!
Father Zakaria: Leave Heaven? No way!
Host cities: Or on the mountain?
Father Zakaria: Yes, or when He declared Himself in the mountains, whether it is time the world will end? There is something else, when we read the Koran books, I mean books about Islam, we find the following: It is a tradition of suspicion, "the God of heaven down to the lower third on last night." God took to heaven more Low - God coming down to the lower heaven! Who's up there? When he falls, who's up there?
But that's not the right language to use, because it Mahahadir existence of God, He can be seen in a particular place, he could be present in a particular location, but He Mahahadir, right? So, God is Mahahadir; mind and intellect expressed and present in a particular place and this does not allow it to be everywhere at the same time. Really?
Host cities: Very true. Then, when people ask us Muslims, as God incarnate, where His mind? Even asking the question the wrong way. Not be so.
Father Zakaria: That's absurd. This question is ..., I want to say about this naive question. When I use the word 'naive' is, in fact I try to be more polite. I prefer to say stupid things, if you'll forgive me. But I prefer to use a polite way of speaking. Anyone asking this question is actually a naive person.
Host cities: Okay, you've shown us the evidence from the Quran and the Bible. Could you briefly give us a summary of all that we have discussed in this episode?
Father Zakaria: Well, I will give conclusions. We have been saying that Christ is the Word of God becoming a human being to live in, and the Bible also says that the Word of God has become human mind and the Quran also says the same thing: "I bring you good tidings of a Word from Him, who was named Jesus son of Mary. "
And after we examine all of the judges and scholars and also through the example mentioned earlier is about a single tri, we conclude that the Word was God incarnate. So, Christ is the eternal Word of God who became live in humans. It was the same when I poured my thoughts onto paper, so also the mind of God revealed in the human body. Here's a brief kesimpulanmya.
MC: And this is certainly not a new thing for our Muslim friends, because they too will find the same thing in the Quran. They have them, they only need to read them more carefully.
Father Zakaria: They must use their minds to understand what they read, and if they can not understand it, can ask.
Host cities: Sorry Mr Zakaria, can you give a reference the verses that people can read? I know you've mentioned Surah 4 verse 171, I still remember it, and also Surah 3 verse 35. Please may also be other verses that are identical to ensure what we have discussed.
Father Zakaria: This is also found in Surah 27, 28 and 20.
Host cities: Viewers whom I love, God is also a father. He's full of love and affection. He wants to save us. Viewers, we have mentioned earlier that we would gladly receive all of your questions and believe that we will answer them all. If you want to get a copy of the Bible, you can write a letter to us and we will send it to you for free.
Thank you for your attention, and so long.

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