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Truth Revealed

am a 27-year-old man of the family are not Christian. Since in junior high school, I became interested in religious studies, particularly on comparative religion. I am also active in religious activities in junior high. I became more interested in the science of comparative religion after I watch a movie about Jesus in TVRI months of December 1988, just before Christmas.
I first did not believe with all Christian doctrine, whether it is the Holy Trinity, original sin, and the teachings of other Christians, especially about the crucifixion of Jesus, who he said crucified to atone for the sins of mankind. There are some awkward questions about the crucifixion of Jesus, namely:

1. True that Jesus was crucified, while he himself is God? Not God's mighty mighty? Could God could die on the cross?
2. According to the teachings of my religion, which was crucified was Judas, because he had betrayed Jesus and God have helped Jesus ascended to heaven. Really Jesus crucified?
I tried to find answers to these questions. One time, I went back to watch a movie that was broadcast by RCTI Jesus on Easter. After watching the film, I sent a letter to a foundation of evangelism that are listed in the film and they invited me to a dialogue about the Christian teachings, whether it's about the Trinity, original sin, and the crucifixion of Jesus, His death to atone for our sins. The Holy Spirit works and give my understanding of my questions.
Jesus says, as stated in Matthew 20:17-19, which reads:When Jesus was going to go to Jerusalem, he called the twelve disciples and said to them separately in the middle of the road:"Now we go to Jerusalem and the Son of Man will be handed over to the chief priests and scribes, and they will be falling on him the death penalty.And they would betray Him to the nations who do not know God, that He might mock trial, scourging and crucifixion, and on the third day be raised. "(See also Mark 8:31, Luke 18:31-34, John 12:20-36)
Of the four Gospels has answered my questions: Why was Jesus crucified helpless time? Why Jesus did not resist and did not say anything when he is God? It answered: because the Lord Jesus, in the four Gospels have advised that he was going to suffer, and suffering of Jesus was to fulfill all that had been prophesied by the prophets of God as contained in the books of the Old Testament.
If God has fled, or in other words helped by God went up to heaven and God's changing the face of Judas to be Jesus, so who was arrested and crucified was Judas, that would be destructive to God His own plan, because God had foretold through the prophets , that the Son of Man will suffer and submit it to the people who do not know God.This is the same with people who have made a mature plan, then he later destroy itself. God is the God who made a plan and His plan will not be thwarted by anyone and can not be changed by Him, because He is most Jews. If God had a plan, and His plan then was changed by him because there might be less good than the plan he has created, then it shows that God is a God who thus less omniscient.
Then the plan is ripe with the death of Jesus on the cross? Mature plan are:Death of the Lord Jesus on the cross to atone for our sins, as described in Romans 5:But God demonstrates His love to us, because Christ died for us, while we were yet sinners.Also listed in 1 Corinthians 15:3-6. This means, the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross is to remove and atone for our sins. He is the Lord, our Savior is mighty.
In Luke 18:31-34:Jesus called the twelve disciples, and said to them: "Now we go to Jerusalem, and everything that was written by the prophets concerning the Son of Man will be fulfilled.Because he will be handed over to the nations who do not know God, mock trial, insulted and spat upon,and they were flogged and killed him, and on the third day rise again. "But they did not understand all that; meaning of the word hidden for them and they do not know what he meant.
Therefore, the work of the Holy Spirit, then I can understand why the Lord Jesus had to die on the cross. That does not mean that he could not help himself, but every sin there must be redemption. Because God is God the Holy One, so there is no likelihood man who had fallen into sin can come to God. We can come to God the Most Holy, holy, if we are too. And that is the blood of Jesus cleanses us. Blood symbolizes life, and therefore in the Old Testament there flowed the blood of animals to make peace with God and fulfillment is the Blood of the Son of God himself, Jesus is then flowed to atone for our sins.
In Matthew 27:1-5, explained about the remorse of Judas who had sold him, that he committed suicide. He was sorry, but did not repent. Meanwhile Peter, who had denied Jesus, regret and repentance. Judas's death was listed in the letter of Acts 1:18.
Therefore, understanding which has been given, then I repent and accept Jesus as Lord, Savior and King.
There is one after my desire to repent, that I wanted to preach the good news about Jesus Christ who died to atone for sins and rose from death and victory over sin. I will continue to explore the Christian faith with the correct understanding of theology.
Regarding this testimony centered on the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross is merely to make us understand the secrets that God has given us. Actually I also want to review about the Trinity, original sin, but let it be about both of them that I will make in book form.
All testimony about my faith in Christ I write this not because of coercion, pressure, or the lure, but by the grace of God who willingly gave it to me when the search for truth as long as 12 years.
Hopefully, this testimony may be a blessing and before the finish I would like to quote Romans 10:9:For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved
God Bless. AMEN

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