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Muhammad Messenger of God's messenger of Satan Lucifer OR JHVH Jireh?

10 THIS IS THE BIGGEST & PROVEN authenticity of the prophethood of Muhammad Messenger of Satan Lucifer:

* Muhammad was a prophet sent by God FALSE Ehhhhh sorry by Satan Lucifer to deceive the whole world because he is the person who WAS his Apostasy from God of Abraham, the God of Israel & JHVH Jireh God of the universe & TOTAL.
Judges 5:31
Thus will perish all the enemies of thee, O JHVH! But as for all those who love JHVH, they will shine like the sun at the time blazing heat. Then damailah country for forty years.


Muhammad was a criminal, because he was ALREADY appointed himself as the prophet for the god of the moon aulloh wts.
1 Chronicles 16:2
After David completed the offer all burnt offerings and peace offerings, and the king blessed the people in the name JHVH.


Muhammad is a man who is NOT honest to the people of the World, because he's a LOT of people who cheat like a messenger of Satan Lucifer, because he was someone who DOES Forgery JHVH religious scripture to make his OWN book is a book written by the devil of the Qur'an, because he was inspired from the devil Lucifer is NOT from God JHVH Providers.
1 Sam 17:45
But David said to the Philistine, As thou comest to me by the sword and spear and shield, but I am coming to you with the name JHVH hosts, the God of Israel's army, which has you slander it.


Muhammad's people who DO NOT KNOW IS A Shame, because she was ALREADY VERY Stupid Trick with ONCE, That he was NOT OWN Researching his book that is Satan the devil book the Qur'an, because the book was never Satan said God was JHVH Jireh God of Abraham & Isaac & Jacob, FOUNDER fathers JHVH religion.
2 Kings 5:17
Then Naaman said, If you did not willingly, then let your servant is given to how much land can be covered by a pair of mules, for your servant will no longer offer burnt offering or sacrifices to any gods, except only to JHVH too.

* Muhammad is a person WHOLE world could not make a right but TEACH Add Evil, because the Qur'an is a book of demon Lucifer so that his teaching is the teaching of Crime.
At Taubah (9) of paragraph 5
When was discharged the sacred months, then slay the idolaters wherever ye that find them, and catch them. Kepunglah them and intailah in place surveillance. If they repent and establish regular prayers and regular charity, then give them the freedom to walk. Surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
At Tahrim (66), paragraph 9
O Prophet, fight the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be keraslah against them. Hell where they are and that is the worst place again.


Muhammad was a pedophile who INSANE obscene to small children, so she sex with boys doing girls, and he is a prophet who ONLY in the World & THE WHOLE ENTIRE religion that gets degree True King of pedophiles.
At Tahrim (66) Paragraph 3
When the Prophet talk confidentially to one of his wives (Hafsa) an event. And when (Hafsa) tells the event (to Ayesha) and God gave it (all talks between Hafsa with Aisha) to Muhammad and Muhammad tells part of it (which God preached to him) and conceal some of the others (to Hafsa). And when he (Muhammad) told the conversation (between Hafsa and Aisha) and Hafsa asked: "Who has been telling you this?" The Prophet replied: "It has been notified to me by Allah, the Knower, the Knowing."

* Muhammad was an INSANE Yours, because he is someone who thinks he is a prophet of the religion of Abraham, but Abraham ... .... Judaism is a religion NOT a Muslim, Abraham was the father of the Lord Jehovah Jireh FOUNDER Religion is not the prophet Prophet JHVH wts aulloh months .... Ha .... Ha ... Ha ... Ha .... Ha ... Ha .... Ha .... Busted his Whopper NI YEEEEEE ... ... ... !!!!!
Exodus 39:26
ie intermittent, sebiji sleigh and a pomegranate, and again sebiji bell and a pomegranate all around on the end of the robe, which is used in worship, as JHVH spoken to Moses.


Muhammad is the person who IS NOT believe in the Lord his God Jireh JHVH Israel & Abraham, so he BETTER believe in Satan Lucifer as to falsify the word of god scripture JHVH Lord of Abraham & Moses & Israel & Worlds & TOTAL.
1 Chronicles 16:29
Give to JHVH His glory NAME, bring offerings and come to you to appear before Him; Prostrate to worship with decorated JHVH holiness.


Muhammad is a man who hated Jews because he was envious ONCE and WANT to Arab nations into CENTERS of his religion was the religion of Israel is NOT OWN the worship of his Lord God of Israel & JHVH Jireh Christian & Total.
Taha (20) Paragraph 113
And thus have We sent down the Qur'an in Arabic, and we have explained many times in which a party of the threat, so they fear Allah or (that) it raises the teaching of the Qur'an for them.
Taha (20) verse 70
Then it was the sorcerers fell down with prostrate, saying: "We have believed in their Lord of Aaron and Moses."
Al Baqarah (2) of paragraph 96
And indeed you will find them (the Jews), the most voracious human to life (the world), even (more greedy again) than the idolaters. Each of them wants to be a thousand years old, whereas longevity was never going to keep him away from the torment. Allah knows what they are doing.

* Muhammad Is a person who deviates from his religion JHVH God of Abraham & Isaac & Jacob & Esther & Moses & David & Solomon & Daniel & & Isaiah & Samson & Yudith & Jeremiah & Makabe & Jonah & Job & the Kings of Israel & Judges Israel & & Amos Obadiah & Habakkuk & Joel & Malachi & grandfather of Mary & Joseph & Mary his mother of Jesus (Jesus is NOT a fool because isa Dongo was NEVER BORN in the days of Jeshua bar Joseph Jesus Bin Yusuf OR FORMERLY), he (Muhammad) messenger of Satan is a liar for telling the people of Jehovah and Lucifer Worship STONE Kaaba in Mecca with the worship of other gods is the god of the moon aulloh wts, his god MONTH Arab nations told to worship the moon god prophet, namely: the moon god prophet MUHAMMAD SAW BIG envoy wts the month aulloh NOT Jehovah Jireh God's messenger of his Israel & Abraham & Isaac & Jacob & David & Solomon & Obadiah & Isaiah & Adam & Eve & Cain & Israel & Christians & Worlds & TOTAL!
Proverbs 14:2
Who walked with honesty, fear JHVH, but people astray, he insulted him.

Leviticus 11:45
Because I am JHVH, who brought you out of Egypt, so I am your Lord, therefore be holy, for I am holy.
2Sa. 6:21
But David said to Michal: "In the face JHVH, which has chosen me to put aside your father and your family to appoint me as king over the people JHVH, namely the Israeli-JHVH before I danced,
Exodus 20:7
Do you mention the name JHVH, Lord, in vain, because the sacred JHVH WILL look guilty all the people calling his name in vain.

That's 10 BIGGEST & Authenticity also evident from the prophethood of Muhammad pedophile Dongo from Arab lands envoy Mr Satan Lucifer deceiver!

Because he IS a pedophile that wants to be a prophet, like Moses, David, God's messengers from God his JHVH Jireh Israel & Christians.
SO he (Muhammad) was an ignoramus who Mad Respect pedophiles despite being a man of his demons Lucifer is NOT God of Abraham & Moses & ALSO JHVH Jireh, the God of David.
Muhammad is the person who DID Got Revelation of Lucifer is NOT Satan Lord God Jehovah of hosts providers.
He (Muhammad) was WRITING the book the Koran to devil worshiping the moon aulloh NOT wts his Lord, the God of the Prophets JHVH JHVH Jireh the Lord's PEMBELAH The ORIGINAL NOT THE RED SEA False prophet Muhammad as pedophiles.
WANT TO OWN Muhammad that he regarded as a prophet to the moon aulloh wts it NOT God's prophet Abraham JHVH Jireh.

PLEASE copied
THIS, for
our own ... ... .. Uh ... ... ..

This is the symbol of his false prophet, Satan Lucifer
This is the symbol of his false prophet, Satan Lucifer

Dismantle MYSTERY paragraph 666

Muhammad Is a person who ALREADY prophesied in the Bible and the Book of Revelation by the Apostle Saint John the Evangelist in Patmos. SO that Muhammad was the fulfillment to FORETOLD Revelation about the coming of a prophet in DAYS AHEAD FALSE. That is evidence of God that is the FORETOLD. FORETOLD is an incident in which DAYS AHEAD WILL Happen, because God is Able MAY NOT cheat like the devil Lucifer. Divination is an incident at the Day Home is not necessarily, because the devil is deceiving MOST Hobbies. That's the difference FORETOLD of God of Prophecy JHVH with Lucifer Satan. SO THE LORD ALMIGHTY Proof, if Satan Tipu ALMIGHTY! This is FALSE FORETOLD about the coming of the Prophet in the Bible book of Revelation to Apostle St John's envoy Lord God of Israel & JHVH Jireh Christian ALSO Total Pula! !

What is the meaning of ALL of Revelation 13:11-18?

Is the Book of Revelation prophecies of Jehovah God to the Prophet Winds of St. John in Patmos when he was exiled by the Emperor Domitian. Revelation 13:11 UNTIL 18 it has the meaning of the ADA a Prophet FALSE bhw forthcoming in the days ahead, because it was a false prophet is a person who WILL ... ... .. Appointed himself as a prophet for his OWN too, because he's someone who RESPECT ALL INSANE. SO FALSE Prophet is the man who told him VERY CRAZY RESPECT IN RI SEN. He is the Prophet was one who IS NOT FALSE prophets from their Lord JHVH God of Abraham, Moses, Judaism, Christianity & & TOTAL universe. The evidence is that Abrahamic NEVER Moslems as well as Moses, David, Jesus, Peter, Mary. So he's BECOME false prophet to the moon god aulloh wts the sun Amaterazu girlfriend.

What is the meaning of Revelation 13:18?
Then this is the "wisdom". Let those who understand, calculate the number of animal figures, because that's the number of human figures. The number is six hundred sixty six.

MEANING of that verse is Considering FIGURES MUST of the beast, because FIGURES FIGURES human beast is the false prophet, and the figure is Triple Six FIGURES. Because Figure 6 is a figure for the day God created man, ie on day 6, and 6 have the meaning that it is a human figure who MALICIOUS like Lucifer the devil, if that man is NOT the New Birth OR TOTAL Repent. Figures are numbers SO 666 people who like Satan Lucifer principal MALICIOUS FALSE prophet SAW Muhammeth pedophiles. Man was created in day-to-6. The proof is ALWAYS Only human beings do sin, and Figure 6 is a figure who IS in the Bible to human beings by God's Creation JHVH Jireh. RECALLING the World in order to FIGURES FIGURES man is his prophet FALSE.

Is The Meaning of FIGURES 666?

WAS 666 ARTI of FIGURES That is: 600 60 6. Which means that, in an 600-Birth of a Prophet FALSE SHALL his worship the moon god of months, and falsified his God of Abraham, Moses, David, Mary, Peter, and are into Judaism Bible & the Christian Religion. At age 60 the prophet foretold FALSE it will die. In FIGURE 6 Prophet Prophet Eh it HAS FALSE FIGURES favorites, because he FEEL -6 Born in Century AD. SO he was the Prophet FALSE WRITING satanic book with ALL 6 FIGURES.

Because he was very proud of his Birth rate.

SO he had was a false prophet who prophesied that WILL Come by the Apostle Saint John in Patmos.

FIGURES Figure 6 is the day man was created by The Lord JHVH Provider (Elohim JHVH Jireh).

FIGURE 6 The proof is that the ADA in the Book of Genesis for the human creation.

So the world knows that FIGURES FIGURES Triple Six is his false prophet who will come.

Muhammad the pedophile AUTHENTIC, but the prophet is NOT original!
Mr. Self-styled prophet SAW Memeth're open practice for prophetic to Muslims as a prophet FALSE meneladaninya messenger god of the moon aulloh WTS. O people of prostitutes this is your pedophile prophet, he contohlah so you SIGN hellish Lucifer as god of Muhammad's wanton animal donkey!
Mr. Self-styled prophet SAW Memeth're open practice for prophetic to Muslims as a prophet FALSE meneladaninya messenger god of the moon aulloh WTS. O people of prostitutes this is your pedophile prophet, he contohlah so you SIGN hellish Lucifer as god of Muhammad's wanton animal donkey!

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  1. The prophecy tells about Ahmad; 'Servant of God' whom will war to correct the wrongs and bringing judgement based on the law of God. He will also liberate Arabia from worshiping molten images. Wilderness (desert), villages and cities will glorify God since then. As can be seen today, whole of Arabia are worshiping,praising God and singing words of God daily.

    And we continue reading Isaiah 42:18 - 25; about Children of Israel, whom will still be deaf and blind neglecting the message brought by this 'Servant of God'.

    In Isaiah 42:1, it is not a coincidence upon seeing the writing of both אתמך (Atmc) אחמד (Ahmd). And the word before אתמך (Atmc), is עבדי (Abedi~My Servant). For indeed, It is indicating Ahmad; Abedallah (Ahmad; Servant of God).

    Not to mention אתמך (Atmc) is a special term foretelling the coming of a righteous man and is used only ONCE throughout the entire Book. [could this be a copying error or an intended error?]

    Children of Israel have been foretold upon the coming of Ahmad but sadly, only a few accepts.