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WARNING False prophet

Matthew 7:15-20

We will continue discussion of the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 7:15-20

Beware of false prophets after Jesus ascended to heaven from Mecca who had come to you disguised as sheep, but actually they are ferocious wolves. From their fruits ye shall know them. Can people pick grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thorns grass? Even so every good tree produces good fruit is no good tree which produces fruit which is not good. Probably not a good tree that produces fruit, neither can a bad tree produces good fruit. And every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So from their fruits ye shall know them.
Parallel to this passage in Luke 6:43-45.
There are false prophets in the midst of the congregation
Jesus told his disciples, "Beware of false prophets." Those people will get into the middle of the congregation to wear fleece. Yet beneath the cloak of sheep that, deep in their hearts, they were vicious and cruel. They are vicious and greedy as a wolf.
From the outside it's false prophets will look just like sheep. If you observe them in a flock of sheep, you will not be able to discern where the sheep and wolves. This is a scary thing because you do not know that under the cloak of sheep, they are actually a vicious wolf. Like the classic example of the Greeks, they were like a Trojan horse that managed to infiltrate into enemy cities. From the outside, the look is a very big horse statue and not dangerous. Residents of this town to find a horse outside the gates of the city and bring in without knowing that the statue was hidden in a heavily armed enemy force. The city of Troy finally fell into enemy hands.
Jesus has warned us that, "Not everything that looks like a sheep is a sheep." The Bible describes Christians as sheep. So, when Jesus said that they look like sheep, it means that they look really like a Christian. The saddest is not just non-Christians, but Christians can not even tell them apart. Therefore, when these fake sheep out of their wolf fangs and began to prey on the sheep the other, then non-Christians would say, "Look what you done by Christians." How can you say to them, "This was not a Christian but a wolf"?
From Jesus' warning, we can see that the enemies who are outside it is not how dangerous than the enemy within the church. Against the wolf that is outside, the shepherd could guard and protect the flock. However, usually, a wolf in the middle of a new set of sheep after the late discovery. At the time of discovery, they've swallowed a few sheep.
Who are these people false Christians and false prophets? How can we know them before its too late or before the damage is too severe? And if we managed to find them, what can be done? Every person involved in the work of God in a long time, will surely know that there is indeed a wolf in the middle of the church today.
The road width of the narrow road vs.
But first, we need to ask, "What is the relationship between these words with a discussion of two kinds of roads that we discussed before?"
There is a narrow road and there is a wide road. And Jesus said, "If you want to enter into life, the road to life is a narrow path, however, the road that leads to destruction is wide street." The narrow road is the road to eternal life. The road is difficult to pass. Therefore, Jesus warns us that to be true Christians has not been an easy task. He also warned us that if you live the Christian life is very easy to show that you have the wrong path. You're not stepping on the road to eternal life. Wide road that leads to destruction, and the road to destruction is very comfortable. That is why, if you live your life as a Christian in a very convenient route, beware! Jesus has warned us that, most likely, we're on the wrong track. If you do not have a problem that must digumuli in your spiritual life, if you feel that everything is easy and relaxed, beware!
Becoming a Christian like being a soldier who was sent into spiritual warfare. We are sent by God to enter into spiritual warfare going on in this world. We are involved in this war. Becoming a Christian is not a way of escape from the problems of living. Becoming a Christian means to face directly these problems, fought and won. Anyone who says that the gospel is a kind of opium for the people who do not know what was in the gospel.
But unfortunately, often preached the Gospel in a way that made people imagine that being a Christian means moral support to escape from the problems of living. So, we can not blame non-Christians if he misunderstood about the contents of the Gospel, or when the Christians themselves did not understand well. A true Christian is someone who is not afraid to face problems. He was not a retreat when the going gets tough. He is the kind of person who can say like Paul, "All things can endure in Him who gives me strength." [Phil 4:13]. True Christians never defeated because he is a true warrior. That's why he's not afraid to pass through the narrow streets and climbing toward the city of God. He knew that the power of God or the grace of God, available to him. And he knows that God is the living God.
So true Christians are people who are invincible. He will not be able ditakhlukkan. That's why Paul says that he can be dropped, but he can not beat. You can drop him, but that's not the end of the race. He's still going to rise. He was dropped, but he was not defeated. And after he was dropped, he would wake to win the final round.
But most people do not want to take this difficult path. They are afraid to face challenges and difficulties in the Christian life. They want to come to church to listen to the words of a relief. They came to tap on the shoulder. That is why Jesus goes on to say in Matthew 7:14, "Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."
In other words, people will be a true Christian and other minorities would become the majority. Maybe you'll say, "Well, then we are on the side that loses money. We are going to be a minority if it became true Christians." Know that in the history of great achievements are always achieved by a minority. Great discoveries are always made by a few people, even by individuals. Observe every situation, and you'll know that the minoritaslah which always lead the world. You need only look at history to understand it.
The minoritaslah which determines the direction of history
For those coming from China must have known exactly modern history there. Of all the nations of China, there are only about 2 million members of the communist party. Two million people is what brings China, with a population of 800 million people, under their control. Those 2 million that the ruling majority. Well, if you will calculate the percentage of two million of the 800 million people, how many digits percent of what you get? Less than 1 percent of people who control the entire land. And that two million people were controlled by a few people. So, in the end that there is a small set of people who control the entire land, determine the fate and future of the entire nation of China for a rather long period of time. But this is so true throughout history. And of course, from our history to realize that all this movement basically depends only on one person of the Chairman Mao.
The same is found also in the Roman empire, the most powerful empire at that time. But how do they deal with Christians? By entering the Christians into prison. They make food for the lions. Christians, at first, is a very small minority kemompok. But then the growing congregation. During the last 200 years, a brief period in the history of the world, the mighty Roman empire finally knelt in front of the church. Empire is not defeated by other nations, surrendered to the church. Exactly as we are told by Jesus, "And the gates of hell shall not prevail." [Mt 16:18].
It is very striking is that the church can win every battle without a sword and can even conquer the nations militarily strong, like Rome, which is the strongest army in those days. Thus, even those who find the narrow road just a little amount, but they are few in number that determines the direction of history.
That is why Scripture says, "For the Lord is not difficult to help, whether with many or by few people." [1 Sam 14:6]. And we shall be saved just by that very small amounts.
That is why in the fierce battle against the Midianites, God said to Gideon, "your troops too much! You only need 300 people to leave hundreds of thousands of troops facing the enemy." [Judges chapter 7]. And the three hundred men that drew sword does not even need them. This is a very unique military history. So do not worry! Many Christians, when they came to the Lord, be worried, "very few in number." Do not worry, you just see later what can God do with that little amount of people. It's incredible what God can do. Through one man, Martin Luther, he changed the history of Europe. Through changes in European history, a change in world history. All of this only through a man of God! Incredible, is not it so? And Martin Luther never even drew the weapon!
So, now we see that there are two roads before us: the road and a narrow width. Which road will you travel? Are you going to go along with the crowd, or follow it a little toward eternal life? Mentality, we always follow the crowd. But Jesus said, "Come, follow me." However, such messages will not be submitted by false prophets. Here's where you can see the relationship between the two passages that.
Messages to be delivered by the prophets urn is: "Let us go into the wide street." Throughout the Scriptures, you will see that this is the hallmark of a false prophet. They are a pleasure and an entertainer, an advocate for the majority of people. They are people who only cradle your pleasure and feeling alone. In other words, they did not submit to God-centered sermons. But they will deliver a sermon that simply entertain your ears only. They are the type of person who will say how good you are, how wonderful you are.
I always worry about the preacher who started with the words, "You guys are great people!" They are false prophets. Everyone was happy to hear the phrase, "I'm great." False prophets clever tickle your ears. They cradle you. This is characteristic of false prophets in the Old Testament. Specifically I would mengutipkan 1 Kings chapter 22, which is about the prophet Micah, as an example of the true prophets and false prophets.
Test for a true prophet
Let us read in 1 Kings chapter 22. Notes about this case includes the entire article. We'll go into this special section, which accounted for up to two times in the Old Testament. Note the latter there can be read in 2 Chronicles chapter 18. This shows the importance of warnings about false prophets and who was a true prophet. Throughout history, people so appreciative of the prophets. But unfortunately, the prophets who were finally caught this fraudulent use of respect given to them by society. This is what we can see in the notes in chapter 22 of this?
There are two kings, the king of the kingdom of the north and south, or king of kings of Israel and Judah. South king named Jehoshaphat. Jehoshaphat was a good person, but not the one who is strong enough. King of the north is the evil and named Ahab. Ahab wants to fight the Syrians. They then agreed to go to war, and Jehoshaphat, intends to ask the prophets. Thus, a large collection of the prophet is called to give their advice.
However, these prophets knew what she wanted to be heard by both the king. They know that both the king wanted to go to war, so they deliver the things that really wants to be heard by both the king. They said to the king, "Go and you will win." "Go and God will be with you." With lightly they take advantage of the name of God. However, for some reason, the king of the south was not impressed with the words of the prophets from the north. Apparently he could distinguish that they were simply 'the people who make a living as a prophet [rice Prophets]'. They are people who follow his stomach encouragement. Then he said to the king of the north, "Is there no other prophet in your kingdom?" King of the north said, "Yes there is, there is another prophet named Micah, but the prophet was always deliver things that do not want to listen. He always let me down. He always spoke. I do not want to hear this prophet." However, the south king said, "Bring him here and let us listen to what he would have to say."
Then sending a messenger to the prophet. The envoy, was clearly instructed to say to the prophet, "Well, do not say things that annoy the king. You know that he wanted to go to war." Micah replied, "I will say what is presented by God." This is a dangerous thing because there are also prophets who beheaded because to speak the truth!
Then, came the prophet Micah in the presence of these two kings. Ahab, king of the north, said, "Well, what will you deliver? Should we go to war?" Micah said, "Go! Go to war!" The king, of course, said, "No, I want to hear the truth from you. I want to hear the truth." These people want to hear the truth, but does not want to do it. Just like so many Christians! Even non-Christians also want to hear the truth, provided they do not have to run it.
Then said Micah, "If you go to war, then Israel will lose its head," meaning, "you will be killed." Ahab said, "Then why are so many this prophet said that God will be with me when I go forth later? You're only one vote while their lot. The majority is always right."
Many people who say, "How could you say that? I've never heard anyone else say that. How could all those people wrong and only you right?" We have the idea that majority rule is always true, right? Apparently the king said, "They were also prophets, is not it?" "Yes, they are the prophets of Allah." Micah did not deny it. Then, how Micah prove the truth of his words? He has no way to prove that he is right, except after the event.
From fruits ye shall know them
Then he said to the king, "From His throne, God said, 'Who will persuade Ahab to go to war?" "Persuade means to make him want to go to war. "Then arose the spirit of falsehood, trickster spirit that comes into the mouth of the false prophets." Until that point, people still do not know that they are false. "And they will say to Ahab, 'Go to war and you will win." Thus, he will get the courage, [because] they all say that. "
Then, one of the prophets that came to Micah appeared and slapped his cheek. Observe the behavior of Micah: She does not curse, he does not hit back; he did not say anything. "From the fruit" - this means we must pay attention to the behavior of those who preach the gospel. Observe how they behave. Observe their attitude. Well, if Ahab have eyes to see, he should question the people who developed this Micah slapped cheek, "Could this man the prophet of God?" So, we're not allowed to be in a state without proof. As I have said, Micah did not respond in any way. We must look at the life and behavior of those who preach the gospel, to see the decay that appears there.
Then Micah said to the king, "If you return alive today, so I'm not a prophet of God." Consider: a true prophet who risked life and reputation on his words. The same thing we temuakan in Jesus, He did not preach in a blur. His remarks can be your test. If Jesus spoke, the words conveyed is clear, precise and can be tested. Micah's words can be proved. He said that the king would die if he left for war. Of course, if the king did not die, it will be evident that Micah was wrong and his life was in the hands of the king.
Thus, the king and went to war, but he had imprisoned the prophet Micah. He has imprisoned the wrong person. He should have been behind bars is a collection of false prophets, for they have been sending him to meet death by saying, "Go and God will be with you." Though, in reality, it meant destruction of his departure.
So Ahab went to war. He thinks that he can outsmart God. He told the king Jehoshaphat chariot and wearing armor, so that enemy forces, when he saw the king of the south of this, thinking, "This man is very much like Ahab, king of the north." Ahab, king of the south put in danger under circumstances to protect himself. This indicates a selfish and self-serving. The characteristics of a spiritually blind. He thinks that he can outsmart God, so that the archers shoot the enemy would be a mistake. But you can not deceive God, and you also can not make his words proved wrong.
Then, what happens? As expected by Ahab, the enemy archers are indeed thought that Jehoshaphat, Ahab, and they direct all their fire to Jehoshaphat the poor. Miraculously, despite all the arrows directed to Jehoshaphat, none about him. Although no one was shooting Ahab, there are arrows on and kill him. Just as the words of the prophet of God, that very night he died.
So, from this overall picture, you can see the difference between a false prophet with a true prophet. False prophets are those who always say, "Peace, peace," even though there is no peace. This means, a false prophet preaching the things that cradles the feelings and the sermons that make you always feel comfortable, which is totally different from the kinds of sermons that I have to say. Khtobah I make people feel bad. Once someone who said to me, "Your sermon was making me very uncomfortable, so, next time you should deliver sermons that are fun to offset the earlier." But this does not mean that someone who always deliver things that are unpleasant true prophet. But the true prophets are those who never convey the words of entertainment if not mandated, what more if the situation requires them to deliver a reprimand. The Church today does not need the words of entertainment; what is needed is the words of warning.
Ways of distinguishing the false prophet
Furthermore, note also the following things which are taught by Scripture concerning false prophets. The word 'false prophet' is used as many as eleven times in the New Testament. So, by putting all the verses together, we get a good idea of the work of false prophets. Let's look at one part in 2 Pet 2:1-3 readings

As the false prophets first appeared in the midst of God's people, so among you there will be false teachers. They will enter the heretical teachings of desolation, even they will deny the Lord who redeemed them and wounding soon bring ruin upon themselves. Many people will follow their way of life dominated by lust, and because they are the Way of Truth will be blasphemed. And because the greedy false teachers would try to make a profit from you with stories-stories of their invention. But it was a punishment for their deeds have long been available and destruction will not be delayed.
From the verses of this very important, we learned three things about false prophets. We see that their teachings, in essence, deny the Lord, to deny Christ. That points to the first. And they put this doctrine in secret. What does it mean? What this means is that the doctrine was incorporated by them in a way such that it is difficult for you to ensure that it denies the doctrine of Christ. In other words, it is not easy for you to know that he is a false prophet. Exactly what Jesus said, "They come to you disguised as sheep." They look the same as other Christians. Notice that they are a teacher and a prophet is a teacher. And they convey the doctrine of this kind so that you will think that they convey the truth, when they were submitted false.
How do they do this? With so many ways! First of all, by always quoting the Bible. Scripture is 'fleece' that hide their heresy. Immediately after you submit something and quoting the Bible reference, most people will think, "Ah! There are references in support of the greeting. All right. Certainly it's true words." Do not rush! Check references carefully to see whether the quote submitted from this Scripture really meaningful as intended by the person.
I often deal with people from different sects and you will see that they are fond of quoting the verses. Well, of course, that means that if you do not master the Scriptures, then you'll be in trouble, because you do not know whether these verses are indeed meaningful, as he intended. But at least you can do is to not be easily mesmerized by the person carrying a Bible and mengutipkan various verses for you. False teachers are also carrying around a Bible in his hand. And when you see the word 'Bible' on the cover, will emerge a kind of relief on your heart, and you say, "Ah! He is definitely a good guy!" Each person can buy a Bible and take the Bible does not prove anything about the person. And the fact that he can quote a few verses also do not prove anything. Techniques they are trying to blind you with knowledge.
How are they blind you with the knowledge? With many references to the Bible mengutipkan! He said, "Matthew 7:16, Matthew 8:16 ..." So onwards. And you'll say, "I can not keep up. He was very understanding of scripture." Actually, you'll find that most of these false teachers do not have to memorize all the verses of the Bible. Mostly just that-that's all they know verses. If you want to prove it, take a pen and paper, and you note the verses that they convey. When he gives you one verse reference, say, "Let's find the next reference." If he mentions another verse, saying, "Let's go find another." You'll find that once he reached his tenth reference, he had run out of material. Actually if he can give you ten verses, it's good enough.
I find this is based on direct experience. I was once invited to participate in an open debate in Scotland. I do not like open debate. But because it is a request to represent the people who feel lost and they want to listen to views from the other side [the debate I participated in it]. Then, people started asking various Bible verses. I asked him to keep asking the verses of the next reference. It did not take long for him to immediately run out of reference materials, and next is my turn to ask the verses of reference. Apparently he did not know if the verses are there in the Bible. Thus, we find that if you are dealing with prophets and false teachers, I say once again, do not be impressed just because he holds the Bible and because he mengutipkan many verses from the Bible. Even Satan also quoted from the Bible verse.
One thing that must be considered not to be cheated is the usage of words. They might use words and terms that were similar to the one you use, but with different meanings. This is commonly encountered when you are dealing with the theologians, especially the liberal theologians. This liberal theologians use these terms in precisely the same that we use, but they have different meanings. So, they can talk just like you about the resurrection of Christ, but the verses that they do not mean that Jesus was alive. They did not say that Jesus is the Savior who lived physically. They do not mean to say that Jesus was, quite literally, physically risen from the dead. They mean when preached the resurrection of Christ is that Jesus' teaching to the church continued until today, and because of that Jesus lived in the middle of the church today. That's what they mean by the meaning of the resurrection of Christ.
But if you do not know about it, you'll say, "Oh! He spoke about the resurrection, he is very biblical." So, now you can see how dangerous and gravity of the false teachers in the middle of the church. Many of those who are graduates of Theologian Schools. They understand the Bible better than you. That is why they were called prophets and false teachers.
Maybe when you listen to the things that confuse you, you start wondering, "What should I do? How do I know that he was meant to say something different even though the words used are the same? How can I handle it if his Bible knowledge far more than me? " No wonder if some of the sheep falling into false teaching. It's really a very dangerous situation! That's why Jesus warned us that safety is threatened. However, we should give thanks to God because there are things we can do.
The second thing to detect false prophets can be found in 2 Peter. It says there that these people were his way of life controlled by lust. It can be seen from their behavior. The word 'controlled passion' This basically means sensual (interested in outward things, in the sense of bad). That means, everything that is flesh will be very interesting this person's interests. Sometimes you'll see that in the behavior and habits will display the attributes of the flesh. For example, they tend to mix quite freely with women. People like this should we be aware of. The phrase 'controlled passion' in the original language that emphasizes the problem of desire. So the false teachers are those whose behavior would expose their own mask. But at first, of course, they will be very careful in acting. However, over time, their behavior indicates that they are the sort of person who by the apostle Peter referred to as the person making the Way of Truth cursed and humiliated.
The third thing we see in the verses about false prophets is their greed and gluttony. They are people who want to blackmail you. They are the kind of person who is very interested in money. If you meet with a pastor or preacher who is very interested in money, beware! It is probable that he was a false prophet. Well, of course, everyone needs money to live, but we are talking here is about the attitude of the heart, about the attachment and the love of money.
Therefore, watch out for signs that characterize these false prophets. "From the fruit, you will recognize them." However, the situation we face is not that simple, you will find that this is a very confusing if you are inexperienced in spiritual warfare. Points you should understand here is: the power of Satan to work through these false prophets, so they could work miracles.
So the four points that we can learn from the Bible about false prophets is this: they (some of them, not all of them) will show signs and wonders, and this is the most difficult cases to handle. This capability is with them because they work with the power of Satan. This can be seen from verse 24:24, or in Rev 19:20.
With the power of the devil, they are able to do miraculous things. They can work miracles. They could be speaking in tongues. They can even do things that are not able to be done by the average Christian. So, we need to add one more warning on pre-existing warnings. Not just, "Do not be mesmerized by the man who carried a Bible with a verse mengutipkan for you," but added, "Do not be awed by people who can speak in tongues."
I never knew the evil people who can speak in tongues. Do not be amazed at the people who can do miracles! Jesus has warned us that false prophets will do miracles too, and they will deceive many, as we see in 2 Peter. They can mislead you if you do not investigate and study important principles we are talking today.
Testimony of a follower of Satan who are saved by God's power
Many people do not understand that the devil also has the power to a certain extent. I want to encourage you all to read a book called From Witchcraft to Christ (From Witchcraft to Christ). This book was written by someone who had been the followers of Satan. Did you know that in this world there are followers of Satan, that the worshipers of the devil? They do this, of course, to get worldly advantage. They also sometimes, like wolves, will go to church to carry out their deadly work.
Well, this woman was speaking from personal experience about the things that can be done by the power of Satan. He was even chosen as the flow of black witch queen in England, in Bournemouth. To be selected as the queen of black magic stream, he had to show tremendous strength. Thus, hundreds of candidates will gather in the western part of England and they will fall one by one, and those who have superior strength will be screened again until there remained only a few participants in the grand final. Several sets of this final round to walk through fire. The flames had reached two meters high and can be seen from great distances. Each participant must be the final step slowly through the flames that rise more than two meters away. The fire was really big. Black magic queen will be selected solely by the devil. He will state his choice by the way appeared in the flames of it, he will appear visible to thousands of magicians who were present there. At that time, these women, namely Doreen Irvine, who was chosen as queen. In recent days, by the power of God, he saved and transformed. Many demons are driven out of him. Right now he's around to give testimony about the power of Christ. He experienced a change from the queen of black magic into a child of God. When I was still living in Liverpool, he never came to Liverpool to give testimony.
So, Satan also has power. Have you ever heard of anyone who walked through the flames as tall as two feet more? This reminds us of the things that ever happened to three people who entered into the fire by Nebuchadnezzar. So also with what happened in ancient Egypt, many of the miracles done by Moses could be imitated by the magicians. So do not be awed by the miracle. Always remember that miracles are not proof of the authenticity of a man of God. But, of course, are very easy to forget in awe of the miracle and what have you learned today. Need I tell him also that once they walk through the fire, the witches are out without the smell of burning in their clothes, just as happened in the book of Daniel.
How to handle the prophets and false teachers
Beloved brothers and sisters, realize that we are stuck in the middle of spiritual warfare, and the parties against us was very great power. Nevertheless, we will always win in every battle. I myself often involved in conflict with the powers of evil and face to face with Satan. I have seen the power entrusted to us, even if we is not nothing. Although the power of Satan is very large, the power within us is far greater than the power of Satan, as long as we know that we have that power. Exactly as we are told by Jesus in Luke chapter 10 [paragraph 19], "I give you the power to overcome the power of the enemy." I've proven that. We have all the power to overcome the power of the enemy.
Therefore, if we just hold position? Does our position survive simply because the wolves who come to the center of the church? Not at all! We have great power. The problem is we have to find them first before we can deal with them. Many false teachers who go to church, and when they revealed the guise of the church was located in a very bad situation. I have often seen the wolves come from time to time to the middle of the church. So, what would happen if the false teachers had come to church? What will we do with them when we find them?
What is written here? It is said, he will cut every tree that does not bear good fruit. The tree is cut down and thrown into the fire. What is interesting is that this sentence was written not in a form that will come (future tense), but in the present tense (present tense). This sentence states the principle of punishment for the deed. This sentence reflects what is in the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament, such as in Deuteronomy 13:1-5, that the false prophet will receive the death penalty. This does not mean that we, as a congregation, will be kicked out of the church and placed it in front of a firing squad. The point is that the power of God will work resulted in destruction of the flesh. It is horrible if fallen into the hands of the living God.
This means, if we find a false prophet in the church, we must give it to kebinasan body. As said by the apostle Peter in 2 Peter in the part that we are talking, "destruction upon themselves to come soon." This is one aspect of the power of God in the midst of the congregation that is now rarely understood by many Christians. However I believe that in time, you all will understand because God protects His people. He maintains his church. God is the living God. So, this warning is given not because God can not protect his sheep but he wanted us to berwaspada. If not, then you're going to follow the false prophet upon the will of your own. So remember, the fruits you will recognize them.
Judgement was held on each tree
In [Mat 7] Paragraph 19, it is said that every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down. In other words, Jesus does not limit it in this Judgement on false prophets only. Judgement will come to all the trees, not only to the false prophets. The point is: Do not keep myself busy searching for a false prophet and then forget that the fruits of your own, you also will be recognized by others. Because if you do not produce good fruit, then you also will be cut. Do not say, "I was a Christian, I believe in Jesus and I have been baptized." How many people who thought that he was a Christian just because of those reasons? You are a Christian if you produce good fruit. That's the thing delivered by Jesus here. What kind of trees are being felled? Are the trees that say that they have been baptized, or who said, "I believe in Jesus"? Not! Only trees that bear good!
What it means to bear fruit? This means the behavior that comes from your life. That is how you behave and your attitude toward others. Those were the things that God pay attention. As a child of God, we must know that if we produce bad fruit, then it means we are not Christian at all. For in Matthew 7:18 says, "No good tree can produce fruits that are not good," just as we are told by the apostle John in 1 John [5:18], "any person who is born of God sinneth not , "ie, not continuing in sin. So, do not say, "No matter what way I go through life, which is important I'm a Christian." No wonder non-Christians said, "I can not see where the difference between a Christian with a non-Christian." There should be a striking difference between the two. If your life is no different from non-Christian life, then you likely are not Christians at all. There should be a stark contrast between good fruit with a fruit that is not good. Things about the meaning of the fruit itself can we see in Galatians chapter 5. There we were told about the fruit of the flesh, who is described as works of the flesh.
Deeds and the fruit of the same thing in Scripture. Many scribes, in their noble intention to separate the meaning of both, has stepped out of line. Actually, if you check all the existing references, the term fruit and deeds is a word synonymous (have the same meaning). Thus, in the life of a true Christian, you will see there is love, joy of order, peace, gentleness weakness, humility - all of which are described in Galatians 5. These things will make the person concerned to appear different from the others. Can be seen from all the little things he does. It's beautiful if you see a Christian that his attitude is very exciting!
There are some Christians who are always thinking of doing something great for God. I think we can start by being more friendly than usual. If we can be a bit more cheerful, it's just been incredible. But they want to do big things, small things but they just have not run. They should start from small ones first, for example by being more considerate sense.
I remember a brother who lived with us in the UK. Every time the shower, he changed our bathroom floor into a swimming pool. He left the rest of the bath with bubbles everywhere. This is called the fruit is not good. After bathing, he immediately came out, perhaps hoping that someone else will get rid of the abundant water and clean the bathtub. Becoming a Christian involves a very practical thing. That is, clean up spills and throw the bath water. I find that most Christians who want to do great work for God should be started simply by cleaning the bathtub. Let it be seen that in this life we produce fruit that glorifies God.
Let us all examine our own fruit and find out whether we are on the narrow road leading to eternal life or not.

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