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Jesus' Victory Over the Devil, Not Like Muhammad The Lost From the devil and worship him............

Matthew 12:22-29
Today we continue our discussion of the systematic teaching of Jesus was extraordinary in Matthew 12:22-29:
Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil. The man was blind and mute, and he healed him, so the dumb spake and saw. So all the people were astonished, he said: "He was the son of David." But when the Pharisees heard it, they said: "By Beelzebub, prince of demons, He cast out demons." But Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: "Every kingdom fragmented surely perish, and every city or household fragmented can not survive. So if Satan cast out Satan, he also divided and against himself; how can his kingdom stand? So if I cast out demons by the power of Beelzebub, by whom the power of your retainers followers out? Because it is they who will be your judges. Or how people can enter the house of a strong and seize their possessions if they are not bound before that powerful people? After he tied up before he could rob the house.
In a message earlier, we have seen the glory of Jesus. We see that Jesus is greater than David, He is Lord for David, as given in the Psalm 110:1, David says, "The Lord says to my lord." And you remember that Jesus said, "If David is the king of Israel, then who's master?" How could his son at the same time become its master? So we have seen that Jesus is Lord (Lord) for David, he also has authority over the temple of God, and He was also Master of the Sabbath. Great with his glory!
Satan, the Devil: the enemy of God and our
But in the quote the verses we read this, Jesus' attention focused on his enemy, and our enemies too, which is the Devil. The word 'Satan' actually means an enemy, opponent. This is a Hebrew word that is absorbed into the English language (and Indonesian). Greek for this word is diabolos, which in English translates as devil. And in these verses, we see that the overall theme is about the enemy of our souls, and we're dealing with something that is very important. Satan is real and represents a very strong opponent and deadly. Dealing with him, we will never be able to win any battle, if not for the blood of Jesus, and if not because Jesus lives inside us. If Jesus did not stay in me and you, then we'll have no chance of winning against him.
Satan is a creature who has the power and intelligence that is very great, and if you do not believe in the existence of the devil it is because you still do not get into the work of God. Any person who has entered into a work of God, and really serious work in the fields of God, will soon intersect with Satan on numerous occasions. You will learn to respect its power. As the proverb that I often quote from the ancient military discipline - you must know your circumstances and your enemies. You must know the strengths and you should also know his weaknesses. Underestimate your opponent is a fatal thing, overestimated the ability of your opponent very well prove fatal.
So you can see there are many possibilities we are doing wrong in spiritual warfare. Accuracy in assessing the spiritual state is very vital in the spiritual life. Well, the enemy is, who is the devil, is a very personal need to watch out. However, on the other hand, he was not to be feared if you are a Christian. Satan can cause severe damage, both spiritual and physical. I say physically because he also has physical strength. I've often presents an example of the power of Satan. He might attack you directly, or he can attack you through one of the anteknya, namely the evil spirits. He had plenty of troops, many men, and they all are his army.
True story: an assassination attempt against a Christian by evil spirits!
I've never convey this in a KKR before. This is one event that is very necessary for us to remember. This event involves a person whose job is to sell the Bible in eastern England. This guy might've become a Christian for years but he still did not believe in Satan and his power, and also the power of evil spirits. He is like many other Christians, who acknowledge the existence of Satan theoretically but does not really care about this. Then he arrived at a village in eastern England, and sell the Bible and Christian books. Many people who undergo this kind of service in the UK because they feel not so eloquently preach or teach the Word of God, and they think that at least they could sell the Bible in remote places that are not Christian bookstore there. Then he arrived in this small village, and when they learned that he sold the Bible, people in the village told him about a sorceress who lived at the post office in the city. This woman is a shaman or medium. A medium is someone who has a direct relationship with the evil spirits, who could communicate directly with evil spirits. And you'd be surprised if you find out how much of the medium. Of course, they perform this activity because they benefit from this activity. Often times they made a pact with the Devil, for example, they may know a horse who would win in a race or guess lottery numbers from the numbers right. But gradually, they will increasingly possessed by evil spirits. And already a fact in the science of psychology that most of them experienced the madness at the end of their lives.
Well, after this person had heard about the woman, she then hurried to the post office and put a treaty in the face of the woman. Need I tell you that this story is delivered directly by the person concerned to me, this story is not from a third person, so I can deliver it to you without the need to spice it up. In fact, because of time constraints, I need to cut some part of this true story. This story is a warning not to play with demons. When he put the treaty before the woman, this woman was staring at him with sharp eyes and evil, then slowly she got up and said, "Follow me!" Then he went to the woman, who moved to the upstairs. He thought, "Well! What can be done by this little girl to me?" Besides, he's a big man with a high of about 180 inches, he would not have to worry about dealing with a minor female.
Then he went upstairs with her, and above there were a meeting room with walls filled with strange images. Because the pictures are very strange, he asked, "What is this place? Is this some kind of night market Egyptians?" And the woman began to explain the meaning of each picture. When this woman shows him meeting room of the deities, this friend reminded her not to involve themselves with the spirits. When he was warned of this woman, the woman suddenly turned to face him, with hands like the kung fu player. And suddenly, she sprang at him. This friend told me, "The women's movement was very fast." This friend took a pen in his jacket pocket. In a moment, this woman had snatched the pen from his pocket. With speed like that, this woman could be a very nimble pickpocket, so our friends thought of this. The woman then began to speak in a strange language, wringing her pen. This friend said, "Give me back my pen!" He said, "if you do not return my pen, I was forced to use violence to get it back." Smiling, the woman was to return the pen. At that time, the seller of this Bible feels that the matter in a place that was enough and he was disgusted with the place, and he put the pen into his pocket, while making a few warnings to the women, he walked away.
In the rest of the day, he continued to sell the Bible and did not think anymore about the incident with the woman. He just thinks that this woman who went a little crazy. In the evening, he was so tired and as she climbed into bed she immediately fell asleep.
Middle of the night, his breathing labored. He woke up and discovered that she was strangled. As there is a very strong person who is being strangled by a huge power - remember that our friend is a big tall man with a big power. He thinks, "Death to me!" He could not breathe, his throat choked. Then she opened her eyes and she saw two eyes of a strange, yellow and glared at him. He thought, "This is impossible. I must be dreaming." But when it was clear she was being strangled and he saw there were two strange eyes that glared at him. Then the story to me, "I began to pray very hard, but nothing that ever happens." Finally, in desperation, he exclaimed, "Jesus Krsitus!" And at the word 'Jesus' out of his mouth, a miraculous thing happened. He said, "When the name of Jesus is spoken, the creature has suddenly gone through the door! Prayer I do not make this submission and the enemy does not seem to cause him nothing. At that time I lost consciousness before! But when I cried, 'Jesus!" suddenly this creature go. He walked away through the closed door! "
There's no single thing that could make these people afraid. He leaped to catch the creature. He shouted, "Wait a minute! You can not just leave!" These people really do not know fear. He rushed out, he nearly hit the door because he forgot that the door was closed. He then opened the door and ran outside, and of course, outside does not look fine. Later, he returned to his bed, grabbing his throat as he pondered the events that recently took place. And when she pondered the incident, it occurred to him, "Ah! That's it! Now I know what the woman on my pen." The woman was being launched against him curse, and the power of the enemy and then worked against him. After the incident, he said to me, "I acknowledge my lack of experience in the field of spiritual warfare. Before menaurh pen back into my pocket, should I say," God, destroy the enemy with the power of Thy precious blood. '"And because he did not ask, then he would not accept, and because he did not receive the protection and the power he needs, then he hooked into the problem. God let him draw lessons from it. I am sure, from your own experience, you know exactly how many times the power of the enemy attacks you with very great.
The evil spirits can make someone blind and dumb
The enemy attacked in various ways, for example, in the early part of this passage, we find out about people who became blind and mute by the power of the enemy, the evil spirit has made him blind and mute. The Bible distinguishes two kinds of disease, and you need to know exactly this. Which one is the kind of physical illness, which occurs naturally. Thus, for example, in John chapter nine, there was a blind man but he was not blind because she was possessed. He was blind from birth; illness is ordinary physical diseases. And then, there is another kind of like what we find in this passage, which is about the people who are blind not because of natural causes at his eyes but for evil spirits.
It is not true to say that in the Bible, all the diseases caused by evil spirits; this is simply not true. As I've mentioned, the Bible clearly distinguishes two kinds of disease. Thus, the man who was paralyzed for 38 years, and is waiting on the edge of the pond is not mentioned that the illness caused by Satan. However, in this passage, clearly stated that this case is associated with evil spirits.
And in this passage, Jesus acted expel evil spirits. Authorization for the same, incidentally, was entrusted to the Christian people, as you have seen when we study Matthew chapter 10. That is, if you are a true disciple of Christ, then you will also have that power. Now, when Jesus cast out the devil in the person of this, of course, people are then able to see and speak. And verse 23 tells us that the community will be amazed at this. They said, 'Is this the Son of David. " Namely, the promised King, who will save Israel. This is another expression which intends to make sure, "He was the Messiah." But the Pharisees said, "Well, He did all that the power of Beelzebub." Beelzebub is another name for Satan. This is the name commonly used by the Jews, while Christians in the environment, we tend to use the name "Satan". Beelzebub is the Hebrew word for "Satan". So the Pharisees actually being said, "He was cast out demons by the power of Satan."
Learning from Jesus about how He is dealing with Satan and his followers
Remember that the word 'devil' has the meaning slanderer or accuser. Satan always indict people. He always indicting people before God, he always indicting people before the people. Defamatory or impeach the action is a very serious sin. Before you talk to the bad about someone, let's remember this. If you are talking about it is a servant of God, your responsibilities will be huge, because it means you are running against the devil's work. We will return to these points shortly.
The Pharisees were doing the work of Satan, they slandered him. If you're doing something for God and some people say, "Well, you actually are followers of Satan." What are your feelings about such a statement.
1. A clear mind
Impressive thing for me here is the response of Jesus is calm and not emotional. He did not flare up, He did not become angry. Things that stand out from here is the absence of signs of anger in the person of Jesus. Instead, he spoke calmly to them, to show their ignorance. He said, "Well, every kingdom divided will surely fall. Do not you realize that? If I cast out demons, then what will happen is either the evil spirit really is not displaced or driven out. If Satan is doing this job , then he did this just to make a performance only; he would not really want to drive out evil spirits. But if not driven out the evil spirit, then you will be able to see for yourself that these people will remain blind and mute. So, if evil spirit was really driven, you will be able to see that this person is not blind and dumb again. Can not you see it for yourself?
If the evil spirit was really driven out, then it is not possible this is the work of Satan, because if so, then it means that Satan cast out Satan. So, now you can see that the evil spirit was really driven out of this guy, you can not draw conclusions from here? You can see if Satan cast out Satan, then it means he is destroying himself. "This is the first response given by Jesus to them. The first thing we see is a clarity of thought.
Often, in spiritual matters, the thing you need is to think a little more clear. I find that thought in the field of religious studies is often not clear and sharp. Sometimes, even Christians can say the things that really does not make sense, without trying to understand how his words were very unreasonable. And those who are in training get a chance to see how this can indeed happen: You could have filed an exegesis which is fully guilty without realizing that your description is really wrong. And that needs to be done by others is to show him, "Can not you see how this description is logically wrong and exegetical?" And soon they will say, "Oh! Yes! We understand it now. How strange, how we got to make such a mistake?"
Once again I say that there is so much vagueness, lack of clarity of thought, and this often happens, in the field of religious studies. Thus, when Jesus reveals to the Pharisees about how ridiculous, how logical, how stupid their reasoning, they are not able to answer. We should not imagine that being a Christian is meant to be an irrational or stupid. And even if we do not depend on human reasoning, I find that someone who has been redeemed should also experienced redemption in the way of thinking. That is, if our spirits have been exempt from mistakes, our thinking should also set free from error.
And Jesus also convey other things, "All right! If you say that I cast out Satan with the power of Satan," a thing that does not make sense, "then I want to ask, with whom the power of the people from among you cast out evil spirits ? Tell me with the power of who they cast out Satan? "
2. Tranquility
Then He continued by saying that begins from verse 28, note the humility that is contained in the words of Jesus, "But if." There is no dogmatism in his speech. "But if I cast out Satan with the power of the Spirit of God, surely the Kingdom of God has come unto you." This is the second principal which I find very beautiful in the attitude of the heart of Jesus. He did not say to them, "Listen! I drive out demons by the Spirit of God," then he banged the lectern. He's not a rigid Personal, not the Person who can not give an explanation, and this is something very unusual. He said, "Well, if I cast out Satan with the power of the Spirit of God, then you'll be in trouble, pal."
What is taught by the attitude of Jesus to our hearts? He taught us one thing that is very important in our battle against Satan. The person screaming was a very nervous because they are not sure whether they were right. Have you ever talked with a Christian and when you ask him a little, he already began to fidget and become aggressive? And the more he or she is unable to answer your question, the more aggressive he would, "Ah! You against God," he said to you. "" You harden your heart. "And because she can not answer your question, then he felt the need to suppress your with such utterances. I hope to be able to hear the Christian workers who calmly said, "Well, if what I convey to you is true, then you should reconsider your position." "Wow!" You said, "This assertion too weak; we must make the assertion that really hard. "
If you talk with a Christian who knows the truth, then you will see there is a certain calmness in him, he's not in a hurry trying to win the debate. But those who are in the wrong position, usually are those who first climbed the most blood.
I remembered the events open debate, where at that time I was challenged by several people from a Christian school which is considered generally as having been distorted. I do not challenge them, they who challenged me to participate in open debate, and I said, "Fine." I accept that challenge the interests of others, not because I am happy to enjoy the debate. And this debate is illustrative of the highly suitable for the subject we are discussing this, the more they pushed, the faster they are angry. They are increasingly unable to prove their views based on the Word of God, the greater their anger. And at the end of the show, they really boil in anger. And those who speak for the Word of God, remain in a calm and coolness. Truth will prevail in the end, and we do not have emotions.
I always say that being a Christian, you must have the attitude of heart that loves the truth, rather than a stubborn attitude to defend a certain doctrine, arguing for the doctrine. If I hold this doctrine is wrong, then I would be very grateful if you could straighten me, because the truth that we loved. If what I say is true, I do not feel the need to flare up, the truth will show itself. Or, if people do not want to hear, then I will not be forced to continue my argument. With the change in my face becomes red will not make that person be sure. And I learned about this beautiful heart attitude of Jesus. He loves the truth. He did not fight for his reputation. He was vilified by the very serious allegations, but He did not become angry. How wonderful!
You can try to say to a priest, "You speak like the devil." Oh! I think you will be immediately thrown out of the church! You'll be in big trouble. I do not recommend you to do that, but if ever there are people who say that to him, I think the reaction would be an interesting observation material. I pray to God so that we may be reacting the same as Jesus, who tried to help the Pharisees by saying that a clear, clear logic and not by threats or pressure.
That is the reason why I spend time these points because if you want to deal with the devil, then you lose control of emotions, it is the fastest route to falling into the trap. That's exactly what he wants from you. Loss of emotional control is the fastest way to fall into a pit trap. But if you do not love yourself, if you do not love your reputation, and you just love the truth no matter what happens to your reputation, then you will not fall into the trap of Satan.
3. Realize that Satan is "a strong, fully armed"
He came third in points in his reply to the Pharisees who accused Him, and He said, "Or how people can enter the house of a strong and seize their possessions if they are not bound before that powerful people? After he tied up before he can rob the house? " Who is he to say is, "Do you know what was I doing? In a drive out evil spirits, I'm binding the strong man." He calmly and patiently explained to the Pharisees who were blind and envious of what was he doing. He said, "The kingdom of God come to liberate you, because right now, you're bound by a strong." Who is powerful? She's Satan. Notice how Jesus describes Satan.
Nowadays, I often hear the preacher who said, "Satan is an enemy that has defeated and destroyed." That is, perhaps, you no longer need to worry about Satan: he had not meant anything anymore. This is a half truth, and it was very dangerous. Jesus did not underestimate his opponent. He described Satan as a strong man, not just a strong person, even more than that, he is a powerful and comprehensive armed, this we can see in verse parallels Luke 11:21. Assessment of a very impressive: a powerful and comprehensive armed, with combat clothing, and a standby sword in his hand.
Jesus' teaching is very different from most pastors teachings. He did not say, "You should never disregard of Satan, he has destroyed, he was defeated, you may be stepped over." You will not be able to do so. Satan was still armed until today. He is still intact and still capable of making equipment in severe damage to yourself.
That is why the apostle Paul says in Ephesians 6, "Put on the whole armor of God, and hang in there." He did not even say "go forth," but, at least, you can stay where you are. Paul's intention is that once you've complete wearing of weapons of God, you probably can only just survive it, forget about attacking affair. You know that this one is the servant of God, the apostle Paul was a spiritual warrior who is very experienced. He said, "We do not deal with the step-jurusnya rash. We know that he is a very strong opponent, he is a very intelligent opponent." Paul is warning us.
And the apostle Peter describes the same thing. He warns us in 1 Peter 5:8, that "the Opponent, the Devil is like a roaring lion looking for someone who can swallow." Note the description given, the lion is a very powerful animal. Peter, do not underestimate your opponent and then described him as caterpillars or worms. No, Satan is like a lion, a very complete unarmed, and with a strong fist. And Peter is talking to Christians who want to be swallowed by Satan. The word 'swallow (devour)' This means that ate up one gulp, that is to destroy you completely. People of non-Christians have been under chains. So Peter reminds Christians to berwaspada.
Satan stepped into the middle of the church with the doctrine of 'once survivors survive'
But today, we see another in the middle of Church doctrine that guarantees that the danger did not exist at all. Today the Church seems overwhelmed by the variety of courses designed to menina-bobokan us in the midst of war. Apparently Satan had already stepped into the church. We're taught that once saved we will still survive, and hence, Satan will never be able to swallow you. You do not need to worry about things like that. Why would you bother wearing the whole armor of God if, however, you're not invincible, because you are 'very safe stay safe'? Flaming arrows from the other side of you will not be able to do anything against you. Thus, the doctrine which looks very reassuring, it is a doctrine which was destroyed.
If we can not be swallowed by a roaring lion-roar, then what is being delivered by Peter to us? Was he bragging? Or he was just bluffing us? But Peter did not say, "Beware! Your big enemy, the lion was probably going to come and lick your hand." He did not say, "He may be coming to tickle your ears." Or that he might chew your leg a bit. He did not convey such things. He said, "Satan will eat you, he will menelanmu."
But we are told, "Oh, no, no! Do not worry! Once saved, then you will remain safe. Why would not worry about it?" Let me ask you, whether this doctrine is from God or not? Please your own value. No wonder if now, if we are talking about Ephesians 6, they said, "Why bother to put on the whole armor of God, wearing a safety helmet. For what? We are fine with no helmet and armor that. We have been saved and for all. "
However, every time I warned about the doctrine of 'Once survivors survive' this, people then say, "Hey! Is not this the doctrine of the Church?" I do not know what the doctrine of the Church, because of which I speak is the Word of God. I do not care if a doctrine can not be proved according to the Word of God. Dear brother, I care about is yourself, rather than doctrine. What makes me worry is the presence of people who are more concerned with doctrine than human souls. And as we saw last week, that's precisely what the Pharisees: they care more about their doctrine rather than on people's lives. This is why they are so hated Jesus: Jesus tramples their doctrine and He did it because He loves the people.
From verses 9 through 14, which we did not discuss today, you will find about someone who died a hand in the synagogue, and then Jesus said, "Is it wrong to heal someone or do good on the Sabbath?" He said to the Pharisees, "You're the experts, give an answer." According to the doctrine of the Pharisees, it is not allowed. You may not heal on the Sabbath day. Thus, Jesus said, "Do you think that healing people is wrong?" They replied, "No." Then Jesus said, "If one of thy fall into a pit on the Sabbath, will you let the sheep die in a hole on the Sabbath? Every one of you sheep will surely help you from the pit on the Sabbath day. Is not it far human being is worth more than a sheep? " You can read it all in Matthew 12:11-12.
Doctrine in the synagogue, the doctrine of religious people there disapproved of it, they say, "Description of our Bible (Old Testament) states that this should not be done." Their doctrine is based on the Bible, so according to them. But Jesus said that every doctrine that man is lower than the rate doctrine is not itself a doctrine that comes from God.



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