Jumat, 03 September 2010

Do not Believe the Islamic Religion , Islamic Religion SEX

I would like to salute and thank the thousands of managers of this site. Foreign biasaa ... ... .!!!!
Since I joined in MyQuran and last on this site, I do not get enough of saving the articles this site to a personal computer and I asked my wife to read it. And thanks be to God, my wife finally had to release her headscarf and declared an apostate from Islam.
My wife used to include a fanatical Muslim, because his family, especially his father was an Abba (already made a pilgrimage a few times). I was forced to convert to Islam by my wife's family, if I want to marry him. And I am forced to obey the condition that, but I became a Muslim is not how long.
I have follow-up discussions at FFI (my nickname "Regine Paradise") and pitted two sources, one of the only non-Muslims and of Muslims. From the discussion I finally concluded that Islam is full of lies, and I began to make preparations for berancang back on my original religion, which is Protestant Christian.
My intention was getting watered down, since my father-in-law died. I no longer run at Friday prayers and I was not present at the mosque. My wife did not dare to ban, because his father was not there.
Since the case of Muhammad cartoons Sex in mass media sticking out, my wife and I like to read the read-Know-Islamic sites and in my personal computer is filled with critical articles on Islam from this site. And now my wife has finally apostasy 100% and willing to go to church with me every Sunday.
Although I know a lot of Muslim friends who are not happy and even hate the existence of this site, but I consider this very good site to uncover the real Islam and I am grateful for any information given so that finally made my wife repent.
Salam Damai Sejahtera,

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