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False Prophet Mohammed's Allah is Satan, not God

I want to thank you all! You are pahlawan2 for me, because at first I was a devout follower of Islam even though I'm actually a little feminist (Adadeh - feminists fighting for equal rights of women to men). However, I really do not know apa2 about Islam. I'm glad to humanity and want to find goodness in all religions and use them to improve the world so be a better place for all of us. At first I was to defend Islam and Muslims, and think you all really outrageous. This is because all the allegations you are so appalling that it seems far from the truth. I listen to my Muslim kawan2 praising Muhammad Muhammad half dead so it seems very different from the actual Muhammad. I used to believe their lies.
When I read your tulisan2 on your website, first of all I think this is just a website that hates Islam like other similar website2. I then began to examine Islam more seriously. The more I know about Islam, the more I was horrified! Kenyataan2 I found a very sickening. It's like you go through something terrible and you think all this is certainly a nightmare, but actually this is reality!
Muhammad is no less cruel than Hitler! Ajaran2nya paham2 the anti-women and other hatred is actually the core of Islamic teachings. At the moment I began to doubt everything, actually I still really want to continue to embrace Islam. Agency understanding of Islam in the local area sent me two books about Islam. One of the two books is the Quran, and the other one is a book that they use for teaching. This is one they wrote.
Islamic Ajaran2 taken from What Islam Is All About by Yahiya EmrickAccording to this book, God hates the human race and this quotation:God says in the Qur'an that He will punish according to orang2 they deserve, no one would remain alive in the world.So see all the wickedness of man, man worthy destroyed. This is an act of racial extermination that has no beat. According to this book of Islam is not only hate men, but the god of Islam believe that all humans are worthy of being tortured by cara2 tersadis that can be done for thousands of years up forever unless they become slaves tiba2 Islam. Humans are considered criminals who not only deserve to be killed, destroyed and must be tortured half to death for ever. Based on this book, God will command "orang2 sinners" (who are not slaves of Islam) brought Islam to hell and he will ask the Fire "Is there still an empty space?" Hell will answer back, "Is there more that will come in?" It is clear that the infinite capacities of hell. Orang2 a worst (infidels) will be at the bottom of hell fire where their flesh burned away, but then the flesh and new skin will appear again so they can feel the burn again and again.
According Hadis2 about the Prophet, the punishment is the lightest full-fire should wear shoes that make his brain boil. He thought this was the most sadistic punishment when this is the lightest.
Seven stages of hell are: (1) Jaheem, (2) Jahannam, (3) Sa'ir, (4) Hell, (5) Nata, (6) Hawiya, and (7) Hutanama. Orang2 cara2 sinned will be punished with separately in each phase. Some of the punishments described in this book.
Far more terrible than you can imagine! Orang2 a convicted will ask for mercy but they were told that the opportunity to ask forgiveness is still alive at the time in the world! Their punishment will never run out forever.
Some of the punishments of hell in Islam, quoted by Yahiya Emrick:1. There is a space called the Al-Ghayy doing so sadisnya punishment and not terperinya sampai2 Fire in six other stages in hell pray 400 times a day to avoid incorporated into this room.2. There's a place called Jubb Ul Hazan otherwise known as suffering. In this room there ang boiling pus and poisons must be taken of the Fire.3. There is a lake named Abi Hamim so hot that people who drink the water feels like fire into the esophagus into the body. The Prophet said that if one drop of just dirt from hell fell to earth the whole earth will be damaged.4. Repeatedly stretched and broken in body and this process is repeated again from scratch.5. Orang2 sinful to eat from the tree called the Tree Zaqqum a prickly fruit that will pierce the throat and its roots are in the bottom of hell.6. There makhluk2 like snakes and scorpions and sting humans always interfere.7. The liquid will be poured boiling volcanoes to orang2. Some people will be chained and pulled into the fields of fire. Others will be shouldered burden on his shoulders and dark rain clouds dirantaikan on them.8. Fire in the dark and can only hear the wailing of anguish and screamed in pain. No smell anything except the stench of death, pus. Nothing cool and fun, there was just dirt and boiling pus mixed with blood.9. Torture lasted incessantly. Every time orang2 ask torture stopped, so the penalty twice a thousand years until God took the decision to hear their screams. Then double the punishment for thousands of years will be held until the final deadline is reached.10. They will be drinking fountains of fire, volcanoes and sulfur wearing his tongue pulled out from his body. Hypocrites will be torn cheek many times. Women who wear clothes to lure men will suffer a disability. Orang2 arrogant will be reduced to the size of ants and had to drink blood and pus contained in lantai2 hell.11. Orang2 a never done morning prayers will be punished with the way his head was beaten with a large batu2 many times. Orang2 a hooked like a lot of talk and gossip will cut his lips with a sharp razor blade. Other Orang2 will cut up their bodies and then had to eat it too.12. Orang2 a receiving riba (interest money) will be punished by way of his stomach filled with a writhing ular2. They will be chained to the floor and the other hell penghuni2 will trample them.13. People are unfaithful to their partners must sit between two poles of meat. The first pillar is fresh and delicious meat pole and other poles are rotting meat. They were forced to eat rotten meat to show bad perserongan ...
They gave me the Qur'an is full of kengerian2 including the teaching of men may beat their wives! Qur'an is also full of condemnation and hatred. I can say that Islam is anathema to the Muslims themselves! Ajaran2 barbaric Quran came from hell itself!

Dear Nicki:
Muhammad was a psychopath and people like this using ancaman2 and fear to manipulate orang2. Sadly, more than a billion people let themselves be deceived by this madman, but none who dared talk about craziness kisah2 revealed to Muhammad. If you read komentar2 Muslim in this website, then you can see that they can talk about is a matter of sheer hell. This Orang2 do not have the capacity to think again and they let themselves be controlled by a psychopath. If God was so cruel that depicted Muhammad, then why do people have to worship him? Stupidity is really beyond reason. Fear of hell is that thing chained satu2nya Muslims on Islam and prevent them to use their brains.
If God is not Muhammad and Muhammad was not the result of insane delusion, then surely Allah is Satan himself. There is no true God who will take action against sadistic to humans simply because they do not believe in Him. Does God mentally ill? Why is the creator of the universe that needs to be recognized by humans that does not mean? God is not God. Allah is Satan. He's not kid orang2 janji2 with fear and sexual satisfaction. Not to mention the satanic act of rape, murder, etc.. It's enough to know that Muhammad is the prophet of Satan.
I'm glad you were not eaten this lie.
Peace be with you

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